Saturday, May 4, 2013

First Communion photos

First Communion children 2013

Our parish First Holy Communion was celebrated last Sunday with 13 children receiving Jesus for the first time in their lives. We rehearse with them in processing towards the altar in order, doing the readings and the petitions, setting up the altar for the Offertory, receiving Communion and everything coordinated and synchronized with our children’s choir. 
The children also prepare banners with pictures and symbols from their lives so far, as well as the blessing cup, which they decorate and take home as a memory of this special day. Recently they have also prepared in their classes small tabernacles, Jesus’ home, which they also decorate and keep at home in remembrance of this happy day for them. Parents, brothers and sisters and grandparents, as well as great grandparents joined them for this celebration.
Children around the altar during Mass

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  1. Dear Father Julian, - I have an admission (not actually a "confession' 'cos I think it's OK). I wanted to mention to my social media friends that my church had First Communion today. Instead of trying to describe the tradition of how the children dressed, I wanted to use a picture, but didn't have one that I had taken. So Google Images showed me the lovely picture at the top of this page. So I took the liberty of using it, attributing it by a link to your wonderful blog. I hope that's OK but if not, please let me know and I'll delete the picture from my records. Incidentally, when I was a teenager, I lived in Malta from mid-1958 to mid-1960 and that experience was all part of what contributed to my call to become Roman Catholic in 1992. (God was very patient.) - My prayerful best wishes to you and yours for a happy and blessed Easter. Alleluia! - - - Bettie