Saturday, May 11, 2013

Clenched Fist and Open Hand

A clenched fist represents anger,  aggression, jealousy,  rebellion,
frustration, hatred, superiority and punishment.
A clenched fist is always ready to destroy and annihilate,
to hurt, kill and mutilate, to inflict injury without regrets,
to show hatred, to challenge and to attack, to tear up plans,
to criticize mercilessly,  to show resistance to Peace,
to put someone down, to turn people away,
to destroy the spirit of a happy person,
to discourage the enthusiasm of a child full of life,
to have no respect for life, to show opposition,
and to turn away from God

An Open Hand represents love, forgiveness, giving,
sharing, openness, encouragement, hope,
patience and tolerance.
An Open Hand is always ready to show compassion,
to give advice, to share a smile and give a helping hand,
to feed the hungry and alleviate thirst,
to show leniency and concern,
to work and help clean up, to change a diaper and nurse
a wound, to heal a broken heart, to applaud an effort,
to give another chance, to cheer up, comfort and console,
to reconcile with a friend, to be open to life and growth,

and to return back to God.

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