Friday, May 10, 2013

Ascension - a different perspective

Ascension - our perspective

We always think of the Ascension of Jesus from His perspective - leaving the apostles and heading to heaven for good. But what thoughts went through the apostles’ heads as well as the Blessed Mother when He really left them for good? This stained glass window is very meaningful to me, because it focuses on those left behind - their emotions, their feelings, their doubts, their bewilderment, their confusion, their pondering the future. The past 40 days were like bonus days for them. But now they realized that He was gone for good. Unaware that He will send an extension of Himself in the presence of the Holy Spirit within a week, they were not prepared yet for another major transformation that will happen to them, when the Spirit will change them completely into new men. 
The Sacred Feet of the Ascending Jesus

I like this stained-glass because it shows also Jesus’ feet, still with the wounds visible, the same feet that Mary had washed with her tears and dried with her hair, and then anointed with balm and perfume. They were the same feet that walked the hills of Galilee, the same feet that I’m sure he rested on a couch when visiting his friends Martha, Mary and Lazarus. We frequently focus on his sacred hands, but his feet were sacred too. Feet used to be anointed in the old rite of  Extreme Unction, now called the Anointing of the sick. And remember that just before he was taken up to heaven, he charged the apostles to continue His work, in using their feet to spread His message of love and compassion, the Good News contained in the Gospel.

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