Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two watercolors

"River Scene" watercolor 2013

I share with you today two recent watercolors that I did in my limited free time. Usually the summer months give me more time to dedicate to this new hobby of mine, which is now in its fourth year. With no guidance and self-taught, I just doodle on my own, enjoying the free expression of water on paper, and wait to see how it will react to a little color, time, gravity and sometimes luck, good or bad.  (click on each to enlarge)
"Lake Scene" watercolor 2013

These two scenes are from my own imagination and show probably what is one of my favorite subjects, trees. Maybe there are too many trees, but then again, living in Eastern Oregon, we have millions of them, and the rivers, creeks, lakes and mountains in this area certainly inspire me to create these scenes, in my own simple style.

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