Monday, April 22, 2013

Sins of humankind

Mohandas K. Gandhi

When he was asked his opinion on the sins of humankind, Mohandas Gandhi insisted that all sin is social. Not long before his assassination, Gandhi wrote what he called the 7 blunders of humanity on a paper, given then to his grandson Arun. According to Arun, the seven blunders were:
1. Wealth without Work,
2. Pleasure without Conscience,
3. Knowledge without Character,
4. Science without Humanity,
5. Worship without Sacrifice,
6. Commerce without Morality,
7. Politics without Principle.
Later Arun added an eighth blunder,
8. “Rights without Responsibility.

Still later, Steve Gilbert, director of technology at the labyrinth-Forum at Maricopa Community College in Tempe, Arizona added 4 more human blunders:
9. Technology without Direction
10. Connection without Community,
11. Teaching without Joy,
12. Learning without Hope.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts like these, if they became a living sacred utterance within us all, would make a beautiful world....