Friday, April 19, 2013

Praying for those who serve us

These have been trying days for all police officers, firefighters, medical personnel, doctors and nurses, and other volunteers who went beyond their call of duty these past few tragic days. We remember and pray especially for those in Boston, Massachusetts and West, Texas, and everywhere else where conflict and danger has become so common. We offer this prayer in their honor and memory:
Living God,
We pray for police, firefighters, ambulance drivers, the frontline workers of our fraying society, dealing with panic and death.
Give them strength to bear the strain and still be human, just and fair.
God we dare to thank you for the work of traffic wardens:
We know we can't do without them, for our cities would seize up.
Yet many of us love to hate them.
Keep it in their minds, we pray, that they are loved.

God of power and might, we pray for people who have great power,
Those in charge of police and fire services, the armed forces, security organizations.
Let them use their power with humility and justice.
And when they feel vulnerable, lonely, when they have life or death decisions to make,
Or everyone seems out to get them, and nobody is there to help them.
God do not be far from them: be close in caring and love.

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