Saturday, April 13, 2013

My two sisters

Left to right: Josephine, myself and Rosemarie
Going back in time today, I share with you a photo of myself with my two sisters from back in 1956. I was the third in the family after two sisters, Josephine, who will turn 64 on April 23 and Rosemarie who turned 63 yesterday, April 12. Since they were a year apart, they were always close to each other, even though with different personalities. Having a little brother in the family, and eventually two more younger brothers, they had the maternal sense of protection towards those younger than them. Even though they played with each other as young girls, while me and my brothers played also together, it was obvious that in a Catholic household they would play house, while the boys would play church. 
1957 First Holy Communion
Josephine stayed at home and helped faithfully my parents over the years until they left us in 2002 and 2010. Rosemarie got married in 1989 and widowed in 2001, but worked all her life at various jobs, mostly secretarial work. They were both very helpful to our mother, especially towards the end of her earthly life.
My mother Mary, Josephine and Rosemarie in 2006

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  1. As always i wait for your daily blog, but today you surprised me and became very emotional both with regards to photos and our upbringing.Carmen and Natasha treated out for lunch yesterday, but i was still very sad remembering 3 years ago when mum handed me with her last birthday card in your presence, if i could turn back the clock at least 20 years. Thank God for his blessings and mostly your support and kindness. Miss you alot