Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rosary Beads at Baptism

The above photo shows the moment a baby is being baptized. We had three baptisms last Saturday at the Easter Vigil, and I'm sure hundreds more were baptized around the country as new converts were received into the Catholic church. I have three more baptism today and a few others coming up in the next few weeks. I always encourage the parents to take seriously the commitment of raising their children in a healthy religious environment. Unfortunately it happens often that parents never return to church, at least not before their children are 7, and want them to receive their First Holy Communion. I will never refrain from challenging parents to live up to their responsibility, especially since they teach best by example.I've always said that children have never been known to obey their parents, but they never fail to imitate them.
Going back to the photo accompanying this post, you may notice that the trickle of water is in the form of a Rosary beads. And so we pray that the Blessed Mother also protects these children being baptized, and may the Rosary be an important part of their religious upbringing.

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