Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Wonderland

First Street in Baker City during the snowstorm

January 7 in Baker City turned from an icy town to a winter wonderland as 4 inches of snow fell within 6 hours in the morning. It was a beautiful sight to behold when snow falls softly on trees, branches, fences, roofs, cars and unfortunately on the main roads which quickly turn to packed snow and ice, making for dangerous driving around town and on the highways. 
The Cathedral steeples framed by a snowy pine trees

And it’s even more pretty when the snow falls on the steeples and the roof of our Cathedral, which led me to take some good photos, as I try to frame the church with snowy branches of pine trees, as well as the balsam and douglas fir trees. Since the temperature was around 21 degrees Fahrenheit when I was taking these photos, I could not stay outside very long, as the extremities start to freeze and one has to be careful not to end up a victim of hypothermia. But a few minutes in a warmer room is enough and out I go again for a few more shots of sheer beauty and enjoying this God-given winter wonderland. 

It is snowing again on the morning of January 8, with another inch on top of the 4 inches that fell yesterday.

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