Monday, January 28, 2013

A prayer from St Benedict

I came across this beautiful prayer written by St Benedict, and I used it in my homily this past weekend. Many people liked it and here it is for your reflection and meditation:
Statue of St Benedict in the basilica of St Paul outside the walls, Rome
Father, in Your goodness, grant me
- the intellect to comprehend You, the perception to discern You, the reason to appreciate You. 

In Your kindness, endow me with
- the diligence to look for You,  the wisdom to discover You, and the spirit to apprehend You.      
In Your graciousness, bestow on me
- a heart to contemplate You, ears to hear You,  eyes to see You, a tongue to speak of You. 

In Your mercy confer on me
- a conversation pleasing to You, the patience to wait for You,  the perseverance to long for You.
Grant me a perfect end, and Your holy presence. Amen.

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