Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Anniversary

Thanks for the memories and visits to this blog

This blog celebrates its first anniversary today, January 5, and I want to thank all those who visit this blog, some daily, others weekly, yet others occasionally or even by accident. I started this blog a year ago to share reflections, inspirational thoughts, lives of saints, flash-back from the past, family photos and other trivia - anything that is uplifting, inspirational and helpful. One of the other reasons why I was inspired to start it was to counteract a few negative and condemnatory blogs that were very harmful to our parish and our Diocese. I believe that my blog with a positive daily post has helped in offering another option of spreading goodness, sharing morally sound and faith-filled reflections to help our Catholic friends and non-Catholics alike find inspiration. I kept my posts very brief, with a photo or two, and the number of visitors in one year has been an astounding 28,000, which makes for an average 76 hits a day. At times there were as many as 100 to 150 hits a day, and of course some posts are more popular than others. On the right hand side you can see the most popular posts. I had visitors from all over the globe, mostly from the USA, (15202 visits,) second was Malta (3519 visits,) United Kingdom (858 visits,) Russia (771 visits,) and the Philippines (631 visits.) Other countries were Canada, Australia, India, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Ukraine, and many others.
The most popular post was “The Handwriting on the wall” from May 24 with 304 visits, followed by “The Easter Lily” from April 10 with 303 visits, and “A further glimpse of Rome - part II” from July 7 with 294 visits.
I encourage you to browse through the past months, as you will always find something inspirational and thought-provoking, especially by clicking on 2012 in blue on the right hand side. You will be surprised how many of my photos come up when you type “Father Julian’s Blog photos” in the Google-Images or for your appreciation of something simple, yet worth working on for a few minutes each day.

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  1. Congratulations Fr Julian! As a daily reader, I appreciate the inspiration and information that you post. Your blog is refreshing and a blessing. Thank you for your time well spent for the rest of us to enjoy.