Friday, January 11, 2013

Reliving our Baptism

With baby Francoise Isabelle Julienne Prevot, baptized Dec 29, 2012
There is nothing more precious than holding a newborn newly-baptized baby next to the nativity, connecting the newborn child to the newborn infant of Bethlehem, Jesus himself.  The Christmas season is not over yet, as this Sunday the Church celebrates the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus. It is therefore appropriate to look back at our own baptism this week, and see how we lived up to the promises that our parents and godparents made for us when we were baptized. Since we were newborn babies when we were baptized, the majority of us do not remember that day, but our parents certainly do. I must have baptized over a thousand babies in my 35 years as a priest, and it is always an honor when I here those words I DO when 6 important questions are asked about our rejection of sin and our affirmation of our faith in God, in Jesus and belief in the church. 
Blessing the new baby with parents Abbey and Arnaud Prevot

It is an even greater honor when I see the children grow up, attending church regularly with their parents. This coming April, I will be giving the First Holy Communion to a group of children, all of whom I baptized, when I first came to the Baker City Cathedral in 2005, as they are now all 7 years old.

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