Monday, November 12, 2012

Supporting Tonio Borg

Tomorrow November 13th, Dr Tonio Borg, Malta Deputy Prime Minister will face the appropriate committee of the European Parliament in a hearing which is part of the procedure adopted before someone can become a Commissioner of the European Union. The candidature proposed by the Maltese Government has the support of Malta’s other political party, Partit Laburista. So all of Malta, predominantly Catholic, is behind him 100%.

Unfortunately, Tonio is facing an anti-Christian secularist lobby in the EU Parliament. He will be grilled relentlessly simply because he espouses Christian values. It is the Christian ethos which is so much hated by the secularists that will be under attack. Dr Tonio has always defended his Catholic faith, the indissolubility of marriage, the sacramental aspect of marriage between a man and a woman, the sacredness of life, as well as other issues that are constantly under attack by secularists, just because they are based on our Christian truths and beliefs.

The above photo was taken at the Vatican in 1969, when Tonio was an altar-boy chosen to serve at the Vatican during the summer months. My late brother Paul is seen kissing the ring of Cardinal Paolo Marella, and behind Tonio, in glasses, is another beloved deceased altar-boy Mario Seychell, along with Canon Joseph Delia, the Director of the altar-boy organization Piccolo Clero. I pray that these 4 departed loved ones will intercede for Tonio from heaven, as he is given a fair trial and eventually be confirmed as the new Malta European Union Commissioner. This has nothing to do with politics, but about standing for what you believe, especially in a Europe that is also predominantly Catholic. Europe and the world need people like Tonio Borg to stand for integrity, loyalty and a genuine Christian commitment.

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