Thursday, November 15, 2012

Broken Cruets

Marshall Josip Tito of Yugoslavia
This is a touching story about how children are effected by correction, being disciplined in a gentle manner instead of being scolded in a harsh way. A story is told about a young altar boy who dropped the glass water and wine cruets on the marble floor of the sanctuary at Mass in a church in Yugoslavia,  breaking them into a zillion pieces.  The priest yelled at him and told him not to come back.  He never went back, and became the Communist leader of Yugoslavia:  Marshall Josip Tito.  
Bishop Fulton Sheen
But there was an occasion when another young altar boy dropped the cruets, smashing them to smithereens.  The  understanding and patient priest patted the young fellow on the back and said:  "Don't worry about it, son - you'll probably be a bishop some day."  And this youngster grew up to be Archbishop Fulton Sheen, the famous writer, preacher and holy man whose cause of canonization is under way!

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