Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flashback from 40 years ago

Our team in 1972, I was the goalie - all the others are active priests

In 1972, I was in 2nd year at the Major Seminary in Malta, and along with 17 classmates and around another 70 other seminarians, I enjoyed the community life, while studying at the University of Malta various subjects like Metaphysics, Philosophy, Ethics, Dogmatic and Moral Theology, Church History, Liturgy and Patrology, Scripture and other church-related topics. We also enjoyed various pastimes, especially playing soccer. Since I was responsible for all sports activities, I encouraged every seminarian to take part in a 7-a-side soccer league which went on for an entire year. 
And the goalkeeper let one in! - We still won that game.

Most of the seminarians were not athletic at all, but it was fun trying to get everyone involved, even if they were clumsy or awkward shooting a soccer ball. I was also the goalie for our team, but I also coordinated the Faculty of Theology team which played against other faculties like Medicine, Law, Science, Arts, Architecture and others. Most of the Law students we played against are now members of Parliament, including the Prime Minister, various Ministers in his Cabinet, as well as others who are accomplished doctors, architects, etc. They were happy years, fun years that we look back at and reminisce as we say to each others, “those were the days!”

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