Friday, October 5, 2012

Trinidad, California

Trinidad Harbor, California

Recently I drove through the northern California coast and a little north of Eureka, I came across a delightful coastal town called Trinidad. The above shows a photo I took of the harbor that is dominated by a small lighthouse on land, and with a few rocks dotting the beautiful yet calm Pacific Ocean, at least for that day. Unfortunately, since it was past Labor Day most of the stores were closed, but I can imagine this would be a busy place in the summer months with many tourists and visitors. A local seafood restaurant was the only place where one could eat, situated at the base of a pier jutting out on the water. When I came back, I painted this same scene in water colors, and this is my humble result, with a few minor adjustment to the original.

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  1. Trinidad is just a few miles from the town of McKinleyville, where Ron grew up and of course Eureka where I grew up. We have eaten at the Seascape on the pier many many times! Thanks for sharing your pictures Father!