Sunday, October 14, 2012

Love the Church

St Francis De Sales Cathedral concelebration
Live with the Church, and because of you, the Church will give life to humanity.

Pray with the Church, and your prayer will become as powerful as a river watering the whole world.

Offer with the Church, and your offering will become richer.

Work with the Church, for whoever works with the Church does not waste his energies.

Rejoice with the Church, and may her feasts be your feasts, and her victories your victories.

Decrease yourself with the Church, and repay her for the abuse that a few of her children are hurled at her.

Suffer with the Church, and you will experience the same sufferings that the Church is going through.

Hope with the Church, and you will stay with the Church till the ends of times.

Believe in the Church, and do everything in union with her.

Love the Church, as a son should love his mother.

Serve the Church, with loyal and intelligent service.

Whoever listens to the Church, listens to Me.
Whoever loves the Church, loves Me.
Whoever serves the Church, serves Me.
because truly Me and the Church are One.

Love the Church.

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