Monday, October 29, 2012

Praying for the East Coast

Hurricane Sandy, spanning from Florida to Maine

Prayers are appropriate today for all the millions living on the East Coast of the USA, from Florida all the way to Maine, as they brace for the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. Most of the coastline on the eastern seaboard is at sea-level, and so with the combination of the wind and waves and rain, the potential of a major disaster is very real. Add to that the combination of a full moon and high tide at the peak of the hurricane on Monday evening, the result can be really devastating, the stuff of which we see only in movies and past documentaries. 

So we pray today that people, properties, animals and entire cities may be spared the force of the hurricane. The areas between New Jersey and Cape Cod in Massachusetts (including the entire 110-mile length of Long Island) are especially vulnerable, and since the entire stretch is a sandy beach, the waves may push the sea water inland and it will look like a tsunami. May God protect all the inhabitants living in these areas, and on the eve of the feast of All Saints, we need the protection and intercession of ALL the Saints to safeguard what lies in hurricane Sandy’s lethal path. Let us pray, and hope for the best while fearing the worst.

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