Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday

As is now customary in all the parishes I served in, there is no Palm Sunday without the presence of a donkey, leading our procession after the blessing of the palms. For good measure this year we have 3 donkeys here in Bend. Two of them were present yesterday at the 5 PM Mass, Poncho and Daisy, owned by Greg and Cathy Jensen, and brought to the church by our friend and his trailer, Richard Doerfler. The burros were led as usual by Makenna and Kelsea Bomke, seasoned donkey-handlers, which led many people to remark...."I don't who's the cutest, the donkeys or the Bomkes!" 
Another donkey, Pimmy, owned by Diana Levey will be present this morning for all three Masses, at 7:30 AM, at 10 AM and at the Spanish Mass at 12:30 PM. Please come early as the blessing of the palms and the procession takes places 15 minutes before Mass starts.This celebration commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem, riding a donkey, greeted by people who waved palm branches and olive branches, laying them and their clothes on the ground.


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