Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holy Thursday in Malta

Altar of Repose in a church in Rabat, Malta
Holy Thursday is a very special day for all priests and Catholics alike. Traditionally the Chrism Mass is held in the morning in most Dioceses, while in the evening the re-enactment of the Last Supper is celebrated with the foot-washing ceremony held in each church. In Malta and other countries, a very elaborate and decorative Altar of Repose is set up with flowers, candles, angels and other religious symbols. After the Mass in the evening, parishioners would visit these altars which are set up in every church and chapel, praying in vigil late into the night, and even sometimes on Friday morning. These photos show only a sample of some altars decorated during my last visit to Malta in 2010. Click on each photo to admire the painstaking detail people go through to decorate these altars, which are frequently disassembled on Friday afternoon, just before the Good Friday Service.
Altar of Repose in a Carmelite church in Valletta, Malta
Altar of Repose in another church in Valletta, Malta
Altar of Repose in my childhood church, St Julian's, Malta

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