Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A descriptive painting

Chinnawong Sawai "The Glory of the Cross"
As we approach Holy Week, I share with you today an inspirational descriptive painting with plenty of religious symbolism. This modern painting is by Chinnawong Sawai entitled "The Glory of the Cross." You will have to enlarge it, and then you can see among other symbols a crown of thorns, the acronyms for Chi Rho (or PX), palm branches, dice, a heart, a butterfly, flames of fire, grapes, drops of water and others which can stand out of your imagination. 

Over the next few days, all the priests will be in Baker City for the Chrism Mass, and I may not be able to place any posts until Friday afternoon. Friday is a special day in Malta as the feast and processions of Our Lady of Sorrows will be celebrated, a solemn and devout feast.

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