Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Miniature statues on display

One of the best places to experience the solemnity and spirituality of the Passion and Death of Jesus is certainly in my home country of Malta. Among the hundreds of photos I took in 2010 during Holy Week are these of miniature statues on display, replicas of the larger statues which will be carried in procession on Good Friday. Many exhibitions are held in private homes, churches and parish halls. Enthusiasts and amateur sculptors prepare a variety of statues representing scenes from the passion of Christ.
The Agony in the Garden miniature statue
Displays of Last Supper tables were also very popular, which unfortunately were only on display during Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Photos of these will be posted later. But today we focus on the miniature statues, some of which were also draped with real clothes. This is the result of hours and hours and days of patience, and a sheer passion and love of ecclesiastical art and culture.
The miniature statue of Veronica

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