Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thank you to some special people

The main altar decorated for Thanksgiving at St Francis, Bend.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, may we all take this opportunity to thank a few special people this year, for doing so much . . . .
…the patient people at Department stores who line everything up neat and tidy, for us to mess them up.
. . . the salesgirls and boys who work overnight in Foodstores, freshening everything up, and making sure there’s enough of everything.
…people who deliver our mail, who rain or shine do their round and have to tackle narrow mail-boxes, barking dogs, and gates that are hard to open.
…all those moms and dads who stay up late at night until all their children are home safely, and those who would not sleep until everyone is tucked in bed.
…those people who invented the Computer, E-Mail, the Internet and those buttons entitled copy and save, highlight and paste.

…for those who listen to us when we talk to them, and for those who talk to us when they realize that we may be lonely.
…the many farmers who grow all the vegetables and fruits we eat, and those who take care of cows, sheep, pigs and goats who give us cheese, milk, meat and butter.
…those who work all night long to prepare newspapers for us, so that we can simply pick them up from our front door in the morning and read them sipping a cup of coffee.
…those who clean our streets, pick our garbage, and make sure we have a clean environment, and also for those who patiently pick up millions of leaves at this time of the year, bagging them neatly.

…those who risk their lives in reporting news from far away countries, especially where there is so much hostility and opposition to their presence. 
…for the heroes who in the past months have left families, friends, security, sleep, safety to help those in need, especially fire-fighters, police officers, nurses and doctors, search-rescue teams, etc.
…for those who give you a hug when you’re not expecting it, and for those who give you a phone call just to say “they missed you.”
...for little brother and sister who play with you, for your friends and teachers who help you with homework, and last but not least, for God Almighty, who keeps us going and going.

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