Sunday, November 29, 2015


A popular custom that has become part of our liturgy is the blessing of the Advent wreath in churches, as well as homes. The tradition comes from the Scandinavian countries, which experience very short days and long dark nights, and so they bring all their farming equipment inside their homes for the winter months. Some of the folks started to decorate the wheel of their carts with green bows and then attached candles to them. The idea developed to introduce a similar custom in churches, with the four candles to symbolize the 4 Sundays of Advent. Three purple candles and a rose-color candle are lit on the Sundays, respectively for the color of the vestment the priest uses. On the third Sunday a rose-color or pink vestment is used to symbolize joy. Some churches leave the Advent wreath throughout the Christmas season and add a white candle for Christmas. 
Each Sunday of Advent has a theme which is frequently highlighted by just one word.
First Sunday: WATCH, 2nd Sunday: PREPARE, 3rd Sunday: REJOICE, 4th Sunday: BEHOLD, Christmas: CELEBRATE.

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