Saturday, October 24, 2015

Messages in our rooms

One morning I woke up and I asked myself – what are some of the secrets of success in life? And I found the answer in my room.
I looked at the fan in front of me telling me “Stay cool, don’t get hot under the collar.”
I imagined the ceiling telling me “Aim high!”
I imagined the window telling me “Open me wide and see the world in front of you.”
I imagined the clock telling me “Every minute is precious – don’t lose any of them idling or doing nothing.”
I looked at the mirror and she told me “Reflect carefully before making any important decisions.”
I imagined the calendar hanging on the wall reminding me ”Stay up-to-date!”
I could see the shower informing me “Wash off old stains, guilt feelings and move on, with a clean heart and a better disposition.”
I imagined the door challenging me “Push me open and start working, doing the things and projects you had planned to do and never got to doing them.”
I looked down at the carpet on the floor and I received the message loud and clear “Get down on your knees and pray!”

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