Saturday, October 10, 2015

Man's best friend

I have always been afraid of dogs. Probably because when I was a child (something I don't actually remember) a dog bit me in my face, leaving a tiny scar on my cheek which is very hard to see. I know how friendly dogs can be, and when I blessed a handful of them last Monday, they were all so well-behaved, probably because they were all kept on a leash by their owners. Yet, when I visit a family and ring the door-bell, and a dog comes barking towards me, I feel sheer terror, even if it's a tiny chihuahua or a toy poodle, or even a Maltese, no pun intended. Yet when their owners calm them down, and explain to me they are very friendly, I do calm down, especially if they are locked  in a room or outside in the back yard. This happened many times and people are used to my phobia. I know deep down in my heart that they are man's best friend, and this photo consoles me. I hope it cheers your hearts too.

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