Monday, October 12, 2015

Let's do our part.....

Only God can grant faith….but we can give witness.
Only God can give hope…but we can pass it on to our brothers or sisters.
Only God can give love…but we can learn how to love.
Only God can give peace…but we can sow unity.
Only God can give strength…but we can animate the discouraged.
Only God is the Way…but we can help guide others.
Only God is light…but we can help it to shine for all.
Only God can give us our senses….but we can use them to enjoy the beauty of creation, share a message of hope, listen to the Word of God, great music, and walk out of our way to help others.
Only God can do what seems impossible…but we can do what is possible.
God can do any and all things…but prefers to include and count on you and me.
So, let’s not disappoint Him.

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