Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Lady of Sorrows

The statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, followed by thousands of faithful.
Continuing this week long overview of some traditional customs of Holy Week in Malta......
The unofficial opening of the Holy Week celebrations in Malta is the devotional feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, celebrated on the Friday before Good Friday. A very devout procession is held in each parish with the statue of the Sorrowful Mother. These photos were taken in 2010 during the procession in Valletta, the capital city, with an impressive tidal wave of people accompanying the statue. 
During this day of fasting, people go to confession, attend Mass in thousands, and as you can see, they accompany the procession with women in bare feet carrying their babies in thanksgiving for a vow. Men walk sometimes hooded for anonymity, also in thanksgiving for a vow granted. Most people follow the statues saying the rosary or other Lenten prayers. A local priest usually carries a relic of the Cross, while the local Archbishop leads the procession.

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