Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lenten and Passion traditions in Malta - part 1

Lenten decorations in the parish at Naxxar, Malta
Over the next few days, I will take you with me to Malta and experience the religious celebrations, traditions and decorations that are so popular during the upcoming days leading to Easter. Many of the Churches, especially the older ones , Baroque in style, cover the walls with special black tapestry. They are normally covered with red tapestry, especially during the festa season in the summer, but to accentuate the somber mood of Lent and Holy Week approaching, black is the chosen color. 
Many of the Passion statues that will be carried in processions during the Good Friday procession, are brought out into the main body of the church, two or three every week, until they are all displayed by Holy Week. Various religious articles, banners and passion symbols are also displayed for the devotion of the people. Many people display miniature statues, Last Supper tables which are intricately decorated with extreme patience, detail and love of the sacred. Please come back for more.

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