Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Post Number 1000

Most popular post "The Deck of Cards"
This is a great milestone for this Blog, as it reaches Number 1000. I started this blog on January 5, 2012, and I never thought it would continue so successfully over almost 3 years, and counting. I can say that I averaged from 200 to 300 visits every day, and as you can see from the ‘visiting countries’ list further down, people from all over the world visited it, maybe searching for a photo, or a reflection or anything they were looking for. Recently, when I started giving a link from our parish Facebook page, the number of visits increased. Most people look for the most recent posts, but I encourage you to click on the ‘Older Posts’ link at the bottom, and you will be surprised how much stuff there is, anecdotes, prayers, reflections, flash-backs from the past, parish events, milestones, and of course many photos and pictures. These are the most popular posts:
The Deck of Cards, (Feb 9, 2013) about the story of a soldier who was caught playing cards in church.
The Easter Lily, (April 10, 2012,) about the origin an of the Easter Lily
Catholics in the USA, (October 23, 2012) about how many Catholic are in each US state.
Other popular posts were Holy Thursday in Malta, (April 5, 2012,) A further glimpse into Rome, (July 7, 2012,) and A Dog’s Plea, (August 7, 2012.)

The popular posts listed on the right hand side are those of the last 7 days.

2nd most popular post "The Easter Lily"
Visitors to this blog were categorized as such:
United States - 88,789; Malta - 11,472; Germany - 7,215; United Kingdom - 4,359; France - 3,461; Canada - 2,538; Ukraine - 2,428; Russia - 1,742; Australia - 1,616; Philippines - 1,183 and many others.

3rd most popular post "Catholics in the USA"
These were the Browsers used to access this blog:
Internet Explorer 27%; Chrome 22 %; Firefox 20%; Safari 17%; Bing preview 5%
These were the operating systems used to access this blog:
Windows 67%; Macintosh 8%; IPhone 7%; IPad 6%; Linux 4%; Android 4%
Thank you all for your cooperation, now let’s start work on the next 1000!

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