Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On Awakening

A tiny booklet caught my attention recently. It is entitled “The Sacred and the Simple” subtitled Monastic Mantras for Daily Living. It consists of a series of suggestions on how to appreciate life more deeply. I will share some of its reflections from time to time, with some of my personal additions.

The sun arises again. Is this not a miracle? Opening my eyes wide the glory of God is revealed.
- Keep something beautiful in a place where you can see it upon awakening.
- Breathe deeply: smell the air.
- Be mindful of God’s presence around you.
- Protect the ozone: don’t use Styrofoam or aerosol sprays.

- Walk barefoot on the sand or on the grass.
- Carry a camera with you and take photos of nature - everything is given to us by God.
- Pick a flower.....remember, it was made for you.

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