Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Twin Towers

An image I designed after 9-11-01

We saw them disappear 12 years in a ruthless terrorist attack. But the Twin Towers live on in my memory, as I see the Two Spiritual Towers take their place. The image of Jesus and Mary have replaced the two landmark skyscrapers that disappeared for the iconic New York skyline forever. The metal and beams and glass are gone, but the spirit of what they represented will live on in the spirit of the people, as well as the 3,000 who lost their lives that day 12 years ago.  Let us pray and remember.

“When damaged, those buildings eventually plummeted to the ground, imploding in a moment's time. Yet underneath the debris is a foundation that was not destroyed. We have a choice, whether to implode and disintegrate emotionally and spiritually as a people and a nation, or to become stronger through all of this struggle to rebuild on a solid foundation. And I believe that we're in the process of starting to rebuild on that foundation. That foundation is our trust in God. And in that faith we have the strength to endure something as difficult and horrendous as what we have experienced this week.”- Rev Billy Graham

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