Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Religious Education

Religious Ed children and teachers (click to enlarge)

As happens in many parishes, during September the Religious Education of children starts in many parishes around the world. I remember attending classes myself every day, besides the regular one hour morning religion class in school, since all schools are Catholic. Thanks to our Religious Ed coordinator and many volunteer teachers, we run this program here at the Cathedral parish, with classes starting today. The first day is usually introductory - teachers getting to know their students, and students getting to know their teachers and other students, even though most of them are in the same class in their own public school. Next week I will celebrate Mass for all the children, their teachers and their parents, as well as other parishioners whom I invite to join us to support our program. I always emphasize the fact that the foundation of their faith is set at home, and we can only build on what parents do at home. We pray today for a successful journey for our children as they learn more about their faith. The above photo shows our children with their teachers, gathered in the Cathedral after I led the Stations of the Cross during Lent a year ago.

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