Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mount Hood

Last week I was able to visit Mount Hood, the highest mountain in the state of Oregon. As you can see, it still had snow, in early September - it is practically snow-capped all year round. I was lucky enough that there were no clouds when I arrived close to it, but cumulus clouds soon rolled in and it was a cloudy day from then on. 
Mount Hood as seen from Trillium Lake

One of the best places to see Mount Hood is at Trillium Lake, with a beautiful reflection of this landmark, which along with Crater Lake and the John Day Fossil Beds (which I highlighted a few days ago) are probably the three most conspicuous landmarks of Oregon.
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  1. Beautiful shots! What a gorgeous photo of the backdrop of Mt. Hood nestled behind the sunflowers and home. Thanks for sharing God's beautiful creations in His nature...