Friday, February 8, 2013

Vatican photo

When I visited Rome and the Vatican last May, among the over three thousands photos I took, there was one that impressed many people. I took this photo early in the morning with three beams of light emanating from the back windows and ending towards the main altar. When I placed it on my blog last year, it was noticed by many people, and among them a publishing house from Brazil. They asked me if they can use it as a front cover of a book they were planning to publish on the 50th anniversary of the Vatican Council II. Of course I said yes, and just 2 days ago, I received a copy of the book. 
Front cover of the book with my photo, in Portuguese

Unfortunately the book is in Portuguese, which I cannot understand, but it was quite an honor seeing my photo reproduced on the cover of this book. The photo was also reproduced inside at the beginning of each chapter, with a faint reproduction of the same photo printed in the background.

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