Sunday, February 17, 2013

Temptations in our lives

This first Sunday of Lent, we read in the Gospel about the three temptations that Jesus experienced in the desert, which can very well be described as temptation of magic (‘turn these stones into bread,’) temptations of power (‘bow down and adore me’,) and temptations of fantasy (‘throw yourself down from here.’) Temptations are real in our lives too. Just reflect on these:
It’s tempting to stay in bed or at home, but it’s much better getting up, get dressed and get to church.
It’s tempting to surf the Internet aimlessly, but it’s much better reading some useful sites, including this blog, updated daily.
It’s tempting to ignore family members at home while watching TV, but there’s something to gain by interacting with your loved ones, your spouse, children, especially sharing dinner together.
It’s tempting to speed up when you’re driving on the highway, but it’s better to be cautious, follow the speed limit, and get to your destination safely.
It’s tempting to criticize and condemn others, but it’s better to appreciate what so many people do to make your life better.

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