Saturday, February 23, 2013

A meaningful sculpture

A bass-relief sculpture of St Peter with the Pope

This is a photo of an impressive sculpture I came across while visiting the Vatican basilica last May. I believe I saw this bass-relief sculpture as I was going towards the Sacristy, and it shows St Peter protecting and praying over the kneeling Pontiff, and looking up towards Jesus, as if asking for a blessing. It is a perfect portrayal of what is going on right now within the Vatican, as Pope Benedict prepares for his retirement and the Cardinals head to Rome to elect his successor. Undoubtedly St Peter is working overtime right now, as will the Holy Spirit in a few days to help the Cardinals choose the right leader for the next few decades. It is a sculpture worth meditating upon over the next few days, although I wonder how many thousands of visitors, tourists and even priests and prelates pass by it without noticing it or even pondering on its pertinent meaning.

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