Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pope Benedict in Malta - part 1

Papal stage being built, with the Floriana church in the distance
Back in April 2010, Pope Benedict XVI visited Malta for 2 days, and I was honored to concelebrate Mass with him, along with another 800 priests and large number of Bishops. Over the next 2 weeks, I thought it would be an excellent way of sharing some historic photos I took that day. I was told later that all the priests were informed not to take any cell-phones or cameras with them, but I was not told about this, and discreetly I took over 200 photos during the Mass, some of which I am happy to share with you as the Pope nears the end of his pontificate. 
Papal stage nearing completion
These first two were taken a few days earlier, as the large stage was being constructed at Floriana, where the Mass was held. The third one shows the floral arrangements done for that day, all yellow flowers, beautifully displayed.
Papal stage with yellow flowers

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