Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome to Autumn

Tamarack trees in Eastern Oregon
The Autumn or Fall season is certainly in the air here in the Northwest USA, as temperatures dip down close to freezing point overnight and reach only the low 70s during the day. As hunting season also starts, deer are more visible as they move around the fields and countryside, as if they know that hunters are after them. The change of foliage is quite spectacular in the northern parts of the USA and Canada. 

Maple trees in Spencer, Massachusetts

While the Northeast areas around Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York have a predominance of maple trees that turn red, orange and yellow, the Northwest region around Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana have a distinctly dominance of tamarack trees that turn to yellow, before they drop their needles, right on time throughout the month of October. Welcome to Autumn, and soon I’ll show the photos of the first snow in the mountains, which I predict will happen within 2 weeks.

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