Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flashback to 50 years ago

My family in 1962
Tomorrow Malta celebrates its Independence Day, a historic day that took place in 1964, when it gained Independence from England. In anticipation of tomorrow's landmark, I go back 50 years to share a family photo from 1962 with my parents, my two sisters and my brother. Our younger brother Marcel was born in 1964. 

School bus pass photo

At this time I was still at the local Primary School in St Julian's, before I started the Secondary education first at Naxxar Technical school and later at the Minor Seminary in Floriana. The Primary School was a brand new building, which we moved in around 1962, and was a welcome addition to our education process. At that time each student going to Secondary schools had to have a bus pass for a reduction of the bus fare, which was minimal nonetheless. 
The St Julian''s Primary School Staff in the early 60s
It was also a turbulent time for Maltese politics as the Church and State relationship were not good, especially between 1958 and 1962, but Independence calmed things down in more ways than one.

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