Friday, September 28, 2012

Religious affiliation of US Presidents

With the US election coming up in early November, the subject of religion always comes up, especially this year as our freedom of religious worship is being threatened seriously. Most of the US presidents were affiliated to an organized religion, and as we know, only one so far, was a Roman Catholic, John F. Kennedy.
Here is a list of all the Presidents and their religious affiliation at the time of their installation as President:
George Washington – Episcopalian
John Adams – Unitarian, originally Congregationalist
Thomas Jefferson – no specific
James Madison – Deism/Episcopalian
James Monroe – Episcopalian/Deism?
John Quincy Adams – Unitarian
Andrew Jackson – Presbyterian
Martin Van Buren – Dutch
William Henry Harrison – Episcopalian
John Tyler – Episcopalian
James K. Polk – Methodist   
Zachary Taylor – nominally Episcopalian
Millard Fillmore – Unitarian
Franklin Pierce – no specific affiliation

James Buchanan – Presbyterian
Abraham Lincoln – no affiliation
Andrew Johnson – no affiliation
Ulysses S. Grant – Presbyterian, Methodist
Rutherford B. Hayes – no affiliation
James Garfield – Disciples of Christ
Chester A. Arthur – Episcopalian
Grover Cleveland – Presbyterian
Benjamin Harrison – Presbyterian
Grover Cleveland – Presbyterian
William McKinley – Methodist
Theodore Roosevelt – Dutch Reformed
William Howard Taft – Unitarian
Woodrow Wilson – Presbyterian
Warren G. Harding – Baptist
Calvin Coolidge – Congregationalist

Herbert Hoover – Quaker
Franklin D. Roosevelt – Episcopalian
Harry S. Truman – Baptist
Dwight D. Eisenhower – Presbyterian
John F. Kennedy – Roman Catholic
Lyndon Johnson – Disciples of Christ
Richard Nixon – Quaker
Gerald R. Ford – Episcopalian
Jimmy Carter – Baptist
Ronald Reagan – Presbyterian
George H. W. Bush – Episcopalian
Bill Clinton – Baptist
George W. Bush – Methodist
Barack Obama – unaffiliated Christian

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