Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 Rome watercolors

After my visit to Rome in May, I came back with close to 2100 photos I took in the Eternal City. I am presently preparing two PowerPoint talks on Rome and the Vatican respectively. I must have covered an equivalent of a marathon walking all over Rome, and also spent one full day on my feet in the Vatican, the basilica and the Museum, besides climbing over 500 steps to the cupola of St Peter's.

Recently I decided to paint in watercolors two scenes that are typical of Rome, which is dominated by domes of the many churches spread around the city. Of course Michelangelo's dome of the Vatican is the most dominant and the biggest of them all. However the two paintings included here do not show that cupola but others, along with some bells towers and churches, my simple humble interpretation of a Roman skyline.

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