Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More of Holy Week in Malta

Miniature statues at an exhibition in Zebbug, Malta
Two years ago I was grateful to be in Malta during Holy Week. Even though my stay there was in anticipation of my mother’s death, I was able to visit many exhibitions held all over the island which focus on the last days of Christ. Most of these exhibitions were held either in private homes or in parish halls, offering a display of hand-made passion statues, presentations of the Last Supper tables with incredible detail, which you will see over the next two weeks. The above represent some of the statues of various scenes from the passion of Christ, all hand-made by artistic enthusiasts and sculptors.

Last Supper table display at Cospicua, Malta

Various plates and inscriptions literally 'painted' with colored salt
The reason why this entry is being posted late in the day, is because I had to present 2 talks in my neighboring parish of La Grande precisely on "Holy Week in Malta." More photos tomorrow.....

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