Saturday, March 10, 2012

How heavy is your cross?

This is a story in pictures I wanted to share with you this Lent. It may appear to be a very long entry, but it is necessary to include all 14 images to get the whole story and pertinent message. It actually reminds me of another similar story about a man who complained to God about how heavy his cross was. So God asked him to place his cross inside a room. He agreed and then God told him to open another door and choose a cross that he felt was fitting for him, light and bearable. So he opened the door and found all sorts of crosses, large, heavy, cumbersome and outright uncomfortable. And so he chose a small cross he found resting against a wall. “This is the one I like,” he told God, as he went his merry way. But before he left, God had his last word....”I’m glad you’re happy with that cross, but I must tell you that that cross was the same one you brought in.”
It’s comforting to know that when we tend to complain about how heavy our crosses are, we should actually count our blessings! So now follow this story in pictures. Just scroll down, and please, stop complaining if you feel your cross is too heavy!

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