Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Deer in our backyard

4 of 10 deer camping behind the Cathedral

I’ve seen and photographed hundreds of deer over the past 9 years since I came to Oregon. But never did I see them so friendly and up close and personal. 10 of them somehow ended up in the Cathedral’s backyard yesterday and they literally camped out for the entire day. They were certainly not intimidated by my presence who approached them just to take a few pictures. I have no idea what brought them here in a crowded neighborhood, and how did they arrive here. They were evidently late for the blessing of the animals, which we do on the feast of St Francis of Assisi on October 4 each year. They were in a friendly environment and other than my cockatiel in his cage screaming at them, a few crows inquisitively perched on trees above them and a few occasional squirrels chasing each other, the only time they reacted was when a dog noticed them and barked unthreateningly at them. In that case, they just stood up, stretched their legs and went back to sitting on the dry grass.

All in all, they spent a whole day in the shadows of our Cathedral, never bothered anyone, and whenever they felt like it, they hopped over the fence and went their merry way. And in a Lenten spirit, they ate no meat and practically fasted all day, because there was not one blade of grass to munch on.
"Like a deer that thirsts for a running stream, so is my soul thirsting for you, o Lord."

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