Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Approaching Holy Week in Malta

Here are another few photos of various displays exhibited in my home country of Malta during the next few weeks. These were photos I took 2 years ago, and they are just a sample of over 1000 photos I took of these incredibly detailed and intricate plates ‘painted’ by dropping colored salt, rice, beans, pasta and semolina , to create these beautiful paintings that represent various scenes from the passion of Christ. 

Make sure to click on each photo to enlarge, so that you can see the fine detail of amateurs and enthusiasts at work. Care was given so that there won’t be any drafts during the exhibition, and even while I was taking the photos, a young boy was sent to watch me, in case I would sneeze and blow some of the salt up in the air. Of course I did not sneeze, but the boy did not leave my side for the hour I spent there!

The image of the Sorrowful Mother made from colorized rice
Tomorrow Thursday, the Chrism Mass will be celebrated in our Cathedral, with Archbishop William Skylstad and all the priests of the Baker Diocese attending.

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