Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My nature photos

Two bald eagles perched on the same branch - Christmas morning 2011
Ever since I bought my digital camera in May 2006, I have taken thousands of photos, mainly of the varied wildlife that is so typical of Eastern Oregon. Scenic panoramic views abound in this area and it is any photographer's dream to be able to capture on film the spectacular and the fascinating scenes one comes across. Of course it always helps if you have your camera with you, as so many people tell me of deer and eagles  and Canadian geese flying overhead, but had no camera at hand to capture that precious moment. Well, my camera is my ever present companion, and I consider her like the wife I could never have, always hanging around my neck or sitting in my car's passenger seat. 

So in this blog I will be sharing with you from time to time some of the best photography I take, mainly from Eastern Oregon. The above photo was taken on Christmas morning, on my way to my mission church in Halfway, just along the meandering Powder River, around 23 miles from Baker City. It was quite a scene and an impressive treat for me to sneak up to these two majestic birds, giving me enough time to snap a few quick photos, before they took off, one by one, probably saying to each other "Oh look, a bald priest bothering two bald eagles on this quiet Christmas morning!"

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