Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life - what a beautiful choice

It was 39 years ago in 1973 that abortion was legalized in the USA, and as we all know, this has been an issue that has decided Presidential, Senatorial and Congress races over the past 4 decades. It has divided and split families, and caused grief, shame, and terrible guilt on so many. As we remember and pray for the many millions of babies never given a chance to take one breath of life, we pray also for their mothers and fathers, as well as doctors and nurses who assisted in these murders - with the hope that their hearts are changed and will never repeat the mistakes they've made in the past. I've talked to and counseled many young women who have gone through abortions and not once have I met a person who have not regretted their decision.

Our parish's Family Life Group sponsored this billboard earlier this year, which was displayed for more than 5 months on 10th Street in Baker City. I hope that the thousands of people who saw the message were touched and started to appreciate even more the gift of life. We pray especially for those young women who may be pre-meditating an abortion, so that they can change their minds and continue with a healthy pregnancy. Who knows how many of those aborted babies would have done something special if they were given a chance!

A man was a little upset, and spoke to the Lord: "Lord, why are you doing all this to us? With all that's happening around us, wars, violence, drugs, diseases, illness, .....why didn't you send us someone who could find the cure for AIDS, cancer, heart disease, and solve problems between nations?"  And the Lord answered: "I did! But you aborted each and every one of them!"

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