Thursday, January 19, 2012

A church I'd like to visit

St Hyacinth Basilica, Chicago, Illinois
I have seen and celebrated Mass in many churches, in particular in my home country of Malta, in England, in New York and here in Oregon. Every church is beautiful, most of them reverent and edifying as well as very conducive to prayer. But there is one church that I would like to visit someday, just to admire its beauty, especially its paintings inside, specifically the dome. This church is St Hyacinth Basilica in Chicago, on 3636 West Wolfram Street. It is a Polish parish founded in 1894. The following photos show the the large saucer dome which has a gigantic mural covering some 3000 square feet with over 150 figures, depicting saints, clergy and lay people. These paintings speak for themselves, showing the entire dome and some close-ups.

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