Friday, February 12, 2016

Lent....doing more

Lent is a time to do a little more and a little less.....
- More of tolerating others, especially members of your family at home.
- More of showing kindness and respect to family members, because as we often say, charity begins at home.
- More patience with the elderly and with children, especially if they appear too demanding at times.
- More spending time in prayer, and you don’t have to be in a church to do this, even your room, your home.
- More spiritual reading, or even selections from the Bible.
- More browsing through spiritual websites. My blog helps set the tone for the entire day, especially during Lent, when most post are of a religious nature - just two minutes at the most.
- More time spent in silence and quiet, whenever and wherever you can find it.
- More attempts to attend daily Mass, even if at least once a week, or every other week.
- More talking positively about others and to others.
- More volunteering and giving some of your time and talent to help others.
- More affirming those around you and speak highly of everyone.
(To be continued tomorrow)

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